About Us

Ray Haley is better known as "cracker" and Anthony Leone is better known as "Durka Durka". While it is true that Durka Durka looks like a terrorist, he in fact is in no way a real terrorist. He is just a drunk like me (Cracker). We consider ourselves to be functional alcoholics and feel we provide job security to the Natty Lite brewery due to our constant use of their product.  We believe that beer drinking is a sport and should be added to the Olympics.


History of project

We are here to provide a service of two drunk guys making stupid funny video's. We will talk about anything and insult everyone, and will drink a lot of beer in the process.

Our users

We advise that you drink heavily when watching our video's. It is for your well-being! Sobriety sucks and should never be attempted. The world looks better through a pair of "Duff" beer glasses (goggles).


Durka Durka and Cracker show

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